Parish Outreach Ministry

The goal of the Parish Outreach Ministry is to match parishioners in need to parish volunteers; strengthening our community and modeling the message that we are the Body of Christ to one another.

There is no financial or age limit required of those requesting assistance; the goal of this ministry is to serve those who would like some help or companionship. We do not offer medical or financial assistance but our ministry will be happy to help parishioners identify and locate the agencies that could be of service.

There are members of our parish family who need occasional help with small household tasks, i.e. carrying boxes up or down from the attic, raking the lawn, planting a shrub, learning how to use a computer or how to set up a new TV and cable box. Some can no longer drive but would love to attend Mass, receive Communion, or attend special parish events or adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Perhaps they would love a friendly visit, some respite companionship, or an invitation to a holiday meal. We want to bring them back into our parish life.

The Parish Outreach Ministry will manage a list of those in need and match them to volunteer parishioners. Potential volunteers are encouraged to contact the Outreach Ministry to offer assistance and be put on our email list. We will announce our list of “needs” via email, parish bulletin and website. To maintain confidentiality, no names would be used in this public forum. Names will only be exchanged once parishioners and volunteers have been matched. Volunteers can assist on a one-time basis or as often as they would like.

In the event that the volunteer effort would include working with children, the volunteer would need to complete the Diocesan online volunteer training and background check. Information is available at There is no cost to volunteers to complete this process.