Groups & Organizations

Altar Servers Andrea Michali 247-9367
Chronically Ill Children Support Karen Livernois 434-6974
Community Service Vinny Curro 437-8728
Consolers Ministry Jeannine Curro 437-8728
Finance Council Owen Walton 432-8175
Food Pantry Kay Doyle 434-1827
Knights of Columbus #6949 Eric Melanson 275-7239
Liturgy Committee Robert Dunn 434-4794
Liturgical Ministry Laura Renfer 432-7867
Maidens of St. Joan of Arc Kathleen McKenney 437-0764
Parish Outreach Lisa Laurence 548-5130
Prayer Tree Shirley Thomas 432-8911
Respect Life MaryAnn Schroeder 432-3434
St. Jude Seniors Sylvia Bailey 206-5253
St. Jude Women’s Guild Ellen Melanson 275-7204
St. Jude Women’s Guild Crafters Denise Pratt 432-1854