Food Pantry

The St. Jude’s Food Pantry services all residents of Londonderry by appointment.  The pantry has been in service for over 33 years.  The pantry is supported by donations of food and money.  It is operated by volunteers year round.

We founded the St. Jude’s Food Pantry after working on an existing program called Christmas Baskets which offered the needy assistance just at Christmas.  We saw a clear need for a program to offer year-round help and we began the Pantry by collecting food at Masses via Brown Bag Sundays.

I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 9.  My family has also been part of this ministry.

My motivation is the comfort and assistance we are able to offer the less fortunate.  I love being able to be a listener and or a provider as required.  We also can encourage families to get further help from the Town and State agencies.

For more information please contact:  Kay Doyle at 434-1827