How was Jesus’ ministry supported?

Jesus and his apostles went from village to village throughout Galilee.  When Jesus began his public ministry at the age of 30, it is presumed that he ceased doing manual labor and began working at proclaiming the reign of God.  This ministry needed to be supported.  Jesus and his apostles needed a place to sleep, food to eat and water to drink in each and every village they frequented.  It is believed, based on the Gospels, that Jesus’ ministry was supported by local wealthy men and women and other people who were moved by Jesus’ message.  In short, Jesus could only do the Father’s will with the financial support of the people around him, people like Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus, Joanna and Mary of Magdala and possibly Martha and Mary and Lazarus.

Just as Jesus’ ministry needed to be supported financially 2,000 years ago, so does his ministry today.  We cannot spread the Gospel to our children, their parents and grandparents without support.  Our Catholic Christian formation, through our religious education programs, youth ministry programs and RCIA (Rite if Christian Initiation of Adults) is only made possible by your weekly contributions to Saint Jude Parish.

As followers of Christ Jesus, we are reminded that all things including our very life itself are a gift from God.  When we sit down to consider our household budget, we should, as responsible stewards recognize the needs of God’s Church here on earth, both within our parish and in the greater community.  Recognizing that all is gift, we strive to become more generous with the financial gifts that God has graced us with.

Objectives to aim for in becoming a good financial steward:

  1. Give intentionally by putting together a plan and following it through
  2. Give regularly through the establishment of a pattern
  3. Give generously by recognizing God provides for us
  4. Give from our first fruits and then live off the rest
  5. Give proportionally based on the blessings we have received
  6. Give cheerfully by recognizing the benefits our offerings provide the parish

Begin your financial stewardship journey with prayerful consideration of the many treasures you enjoy. Remember that those treasures are a gift from God and should be shared to carry on God’s spiritual works.  Make a pledge to give of your first fruits.  Rejoice in the many ministries at Saint Jude Parish which your contributions support.  Understand that sacrificial giving is a lifetime effort which requires constant attention to be a truly faithful steward.


  • Sunday Collection/Electronic Giving: In addition to being an instrument for making financial contributions to the parish, the weekly envelope and electronic giving can serve as a concrete expression of gratitude and sacrifice during the celebration of the Eucharist.
  • Planned Giving: Leaving a gift through your will, establishing a charitable remainder trust, creating a gift annuity, or designating Saint Jude parish as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy are just a few ways you can plan now to make a difference in the life and mission of Saint Jude parish.
  • In-Kind Gifts: In-kind Gifts, such as labor and materials, can have a major positive impact on the church. For example, if you own or work for an excavation, construction, electrical, painting or plumbing company, your company may choose to donate its services and/or materials to the church.  This can be done pro bono or at a reduced rate.  Tax benefits may apply for these gifts.
  • Stock Gifts: Gifts of stocks, bonds and mutual funds that have increased in value during your ownership can result in tax savings. If your portfolio has incurred losses, you can use those losses to reduce your taxable income.


  • Use automatic withdrawal through Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Use your credit or debit card through the parish Vanco account (see the parish website or parish bulletin)
  • Make a gift online through our parish website
  • Use the traditional method by using your weekly envelopes


Q: How does Saint Jude parish use the money from my pledged commitment to Stewardship of Sacrificial Giving?

A: Your donation goes to cover the day-to-day operating costs of Saint Jude Parish. In addition, your donation helps cover the cost of our many programs, ministries and services that promote the mission of the Church within and beyond the Saint Jude Parish community.

Q:  Why should I give electronically?

A:  Electronic giving is easy and reduces administrative costs and paper.  It also provides a predictable stream of income for Saint Jude Parish’s planning and bill paying.  Nearly 70 families give electronically today. We invite you to join them.  There are several ways to give electronically:

  • Set up Electronic Funds Transfer through your checking or savings account.
  • Donate regularly through your credit or debit card

Q:  How much should I give?

A:  Only you can decide how much to give to support the mission of the Church.  After prayer and reflection you decide the amount to give that is best for you and your family, trusting that God will provide for your family’s needs. Prayerfully consider the ways that God has blessed you and consider taking another step in faith in your sacrificial giving, for the good of the mission of the Church.


Yearly Income 2% Pledge
Per week
5% Pledge
per week
7% Pledge
per week
10% Pledge
per week
$20,000 $8 $19 $27 $38
$40,000 $15 $38 $54 $77
$60,000 $23 $58 $81 $115
$80,000 $31 $77 $108 $154
$100,000 $38 $96 $135 $192
$150,000 $57 $144 $203 $288
$200,000 $76 $192 $270 $384


  • In what ways has God blessed me?
  • How do I feel called to respond to those blessings?
  • Is my giving a sacrificial giving?
  • Why do I attend Mass at Saint Jude parish?
  • Are there ministries, programs, and/or events at Saint Jude worth supporting?
  • What are the practical implications of pledging?
  • What are the spiritual implications of pledging?
  • Why does God ask for first fruits?
  • Does pledging help me offer my first fruits?
  • What does it mean to invest in Saint Jude Parish?
  • How much am I willing to support the mission of the Church and Saint Jude Parish?


People give for many reasons: the feeling of making a difference, a sense of Christian responsibility, moral obligation or the feeling of belonging to a great Roman Catholic Community at Saint Jude.  Maybe someone you respect asked you to give.  Maybe you give to make your little corner of the world a better place to live for your children, grandchildren and family. For whatever reason you give to support the mission of the Church, thank you!

“We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.” –Winston Churchill