Youth Ministry


Host families needed for the NET Team

Host families are needed November 9th through 12th for 14 NET Team members. Host families provide a place for team members to eat, pray and rest their heads each night. Many team members cite an experience at a host home as one of their favorite memories from the road.

Host families do not need to worry about having enough beds for the team members they host. Every team member has his or her own sleeping bag and pillow, so floors, couches, or air mattresses work just fine.

When applying to host members of a NET team, host families can request men or women, and in quantities from 2 – 7. Call Diane Swinarski at 425-1795 to volunteer or for more information.


If you have a student going off to college soon, please stop by the YM Office and give us their information so that we can send them goodies during the year. Forms are on the wall outside Diane’s office. The various church ministries at St. Jude generously provide items for us to send students to let them know we care and that we keep them in our thoughts and prayers while they are away at school.


NH Youth Rally: Friday, November 9th , 6:30-10:00pm at St. Joseph Cathedral, Manchester, NH.

NET Retreats: Our dates are Saturday, Nov. 10th and Sunday, Nov. 11th. Students will also attend the 4:00PM Mass and have dinner with the NET Team at 5:15PM in the Parish Hall. More details coming soon. Please Note: We will be looking for families to house members of the NET Team.

Confirmation dates for fall 2018: 9th & 10th Students who have completed Religious Education classes will be Confirmed at St. Joseph Cathedral in Manchester on Saturday, December 1st at 10:00AM.

Rehearsal for Confirmation: (for student and sponsors) will be at St. Jude Church on Friday, Nov. 30th at 6:00PM.

Check these sites out: -free item- great books- mass journals- Decision Point Confirmation videos – gifts – sign up for daily readings and reflections for teens sent to your phone.